By Andrew
Leopold Esate iin Full Moon

Leopold Esate iin Full Moon

Welcome to my first post.  In this I aim to give you my thoughts on the news from my little part of East London and my interests which is politics, local history, football and regeneration.

I will over the coming weeks give my views on all these items in due course.

The photo above is of my estate – which in the full moon against the lights of Canary Wharf looks quite beautiful.  Despite all I will most likely say in future messages I still love.  I just wish others share my love and aspirations for the area including the belief that the future of the area is more important that individual whims.

As the history of area has shown since 1790 when the area was just part of Bow Common not a lot would have changed if it was not for individuals having ideas and aspirations.

However it is sometimes hard being what seems at times being a lone voice, when you seem to be alone at all times.  William Cotton in the late eighteenth century had a happy marriage to go home to.  Not all of have that privilege . 

That is for another discussion. In the meantime if anyone has any thoughts on seeing an aspiration through when you are not so met by opposition but more by apathy – I will be delighted to hear it.

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